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Create your perfect bow..

Choose your shape, size, materials and colours and I will create your perfect bow

Please choose your shape/size and clip/headband option using the drop down box and add your chosen colours and materials in the notes section below

To choose your own bow you must specify which section of the bow you would like in each material  (e.g. tails in silver glitter, bottom loop in white leather, top loop in pink glitter)

You can choose up to 3 materials/colours for each bow. Customise your tails, loops and centre. If you choose a double loop bow an extra material can be used.

Choose between glitter, leather, felt and mirror material. It is suggested that you do not use a mirror material for your tails, chunky glitter works best for tails.

Our larger bows can be personalised with a vinyl name/quote. Please note - this is only available for our half and half bow or large dolly bow. Please leave your chosen vinyl colour and text in the notes section.

Please allow up to 15 working days for your order to be posted